Of Empty Streets

Far from this bustle,
there lies a little town
with life, seemingly
gone and forbidden.
Faint voices, one
can hear through the
broken walls
and the rusty windows.
They speak
of a past long forgotten
where men came from far
to the women that lived
here. Men with coins came
as the nameless women,
cast aside
from the rest, endowed them
with pleasure.

These were women
with no past
and future,
lost somewhere through
time and space.
Throughout the streets,
these women stood waiting
in a redundant trance,
adorned with cheap cologne.
This town
grew silent as the days
passed by and the women
grew incapable and old.
The nameless women
wandered, awaiting
an end to the
timelessness of their
the town lies still,
as the broken walls
and the rusty windows
through the deafening
the untold tales
of empty streets
and cheap cologne.

~ Deb Roy

(Sent via inbox, edited by The Anonymous Writer’s Anwesha Tripathy.)

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