Ode to AIDS

Bruised amidst the endless abyss of the mob so stealth,

I lay in the wilderness of thought, clueless of what I felt.
I had finite dusk-ridden sunsets ere the cards were dealt
To herald the morose bugles of my swiftly fading health.


I detested the corrupted blood that ran through my veins;
Helpless like apteryx, but I had never accepted my ill destiny.
My heart yearned for the past – so filled with dust and rains,
But my self-penned eulogy was fast becoming my litany.


But then you came, brother, and took me by your arm.
You cradled me lovingly till I saw the dawn without alarm.
You gave me courage to embrace the inexorable calm:
You were so kind that you inscribed my epitaph!


Now time is flying like sun rays at the break of day;
My loyal lover, she has already shunned me away.
I have no residence: you’re my only friend in the fray;
The Lord beckons urgently to me, I have naught to say.


But why was the world so oblivious of my overt sorrow?
Repulsive was my stained aura, I never knew the better;
I lived with passion, though never befriended the morrow:
But numbered were my breaths so I never thought it’d matter.


‘Fore I forego hope for Panacea’s impending gift to all life,
Brother, I want to thank you for your help through my strife.
The harvest of my errors has pierced me deeper than a knife:
I battled bravely with you but, alone, I am fast losing the war.



 Image Source: flickr.com


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