I met you for the first time
With a sense of nostalgia;
Maybe I had known you,
In another time, another life.
Your scent came to me in a whiff,
Like the smell of rain from last year,
And like the raw breeze,
I felt you on my bare skin.
It was, as if, I had held those very hands,
Kissed those very lips,
Been in those very arms,
And with every touch,
I was closer to where I belong;
I was like a drifter,
Finally returning home.
Such a strange feeling it is,
To meet someone for the first time,
And to reminisce a life,
You are yet to spend together.
Maybe it is the aftermath of alchemy
That happens to all star crossed lovers
Or maybe it is a rare phenomenon,
Just for the two of us.
But it is, as if, I had loved you,
Even before I met you,
And I know I will be loving you,
All over again.
~ Shrutee Choudhary | Edited by Afreen Zeb




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