To All Those Who Oppress

You fight for everything with each other
Countless innocent lives you smother,
You fight for power, wealth and the God
You kill toddlers who hardly plod



You rape creatures weaker than you,
You exploit everything bleaker than you.
You beat a man inept and a lady old
And consider your act very bold.

Yet, you take pride in your manly sway,
In the nefarious heart with humanity miles away.
You are nothing but a coward beast
With a fear of losing your say.
You words are but mere mundane
Which is to me, but wane.
The faith you preach, I extirpate
And the God you pray, I comminate.
Bring me your weapon, get me slain,
Against your act vice, my ink would rain.
To erase my word, you, I becall,
I challenge, my pen would never fall.
~Hanzala Bin Aman | Edited by Ghazal



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