Mortal and Immortal

Those deep black eyes,
Shattering the illusions of my apparent arrogance.
Your piercing gaze,
Hard and sharp as a flint;
Cleaving my soul and slashing my conscience,
Leaving me to bleed
At the altars of your callousness.
Your love is the antidote
To the scars and scrapes on my soul,
For I’ve fallen
To the cumulative assaults of your eyes.

To hold my hand until eternity

Or let me fall
In the dungeons of eternal damnation,
‘Is totally your prerogative.
Let me think,
Think for a long long time
Until the leaves fade away,
Resonantly echoing the end of the fall out
Let me think
In the desolation of this dark night
Which ravishes my soul with sheer contempt,
Questioning me with contemptuous ire.
Did I allow you
to enter the realms of my existence?
To enter the forbidden pass,
Complete aware of the the horrid eventuality,
That would follow thence.
Conscious, that I and You were
An impossible possibility,
Belonging to converse dominions.
The conflux of our souls
Will wreck havoc,
Perpetrating retaliatory proceedings
For I am the dazzling ball of fire,
And you are the symbol of serenity;
For you are a Mortal,
And I, an Immortal.


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