Mad Mad World

How to survive in this stigma of ill fate?
When your intimates cause you unprecedented tribulation
By reaffirming that you’re not worth their confabulation
Through their deliberate silence.


“I don’t give a shit if they mock me behind my back!” You tend to console yourself.
Rage keeps on repressing your mind; but you just don’t have the balls to say it to them.
And then all of a sudden, they change their subject of ridicule and you flawlessly become an integral part of the mock brigade; as if you knew nothing.
You fuckin’ hypocrite!


But the night has to come; and as always, it does
And you lie on your bed with a wet pillow under your head
and delve deep into your lowly fucked up mind; and wonder what makes them bitch about you.
Trust me, you’re not alone!
For they all do the same. It’s a mad mad world.


Sometimes, you really want to be scolded by the people you love
Not because you’re wrong, but because it makes you feel important.
Don’t you deserve to be told what they feel about you?
Or are you the only outcast in the group?


You hear your friends’ hideous whispers and make up tales in your mind.
Mostly hurtful tales; tales that make you feel unwanted
As you valiantly search for a strange sense of solace; a silver lining out of your miserable life.


“At least, they remember me, however it may be. It’s a wicked world nowadays.”
You don’t stop consoling yourself.
Trust me, you’re not alone!
For they all do the same. It’s a mad mad world.


This world is a concrete jungle where nothing is simple.
Although, you do yearn for it! Every time, everywhere.
People will say whatever they have to say. It doesn’t matter how you feel.
Life isn’t always fair. Get used to it.


Do you deserve it? Probably yes, probably no!
Even if you gave them some ammunition to throw jibes at you
Even if you did something that they didn’t like
How on earth would you rectify yourself if they don’t even tell you about it?


Perhaps, they don’t want you to feel bad.
Or perhaps, they really don’t say anything bad about you, and it’s just your fucked up mind!
Or maybe, you’re not even part of their conversation.
Because let’s face it, you’re not that important; nobody is.


But you don’t stop consoling yourself, time after time.
It’s perfectly fine; because each of them do the same.
There’s nothing abnormal about you.


So, you should stop caring about it altogether.
You’ve had enough of this shit. And so have they.
Soar above the futility, and learn how to live; not for them, but for yourself.
In any case, everyone will stop caring about everyone else after some time.


This is how it will always go.
It’s a mad mad world after all.


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