Love Nestled in Death

This morning, as the sun stroked the world out of sleep,
The concrete had an existential crisis,
It whispered to earth in its agony,
Of its desire to not hold itself together anymore,
The earth trembled with the weight of its sorrow,
And building after building crumbled in their heartbreak.


The walls whisper of the grief that resides within,
Of the people with lost hopes and broken hearts,
The brick and mortar echo with cries of what could have been,
Of murdered innocence and crushed dreams,
A melancholic madness has settled in their lungs,
Every breath is a poisonous intake that merely suffocates,
There are no twinkling eyes, no smiling lips or reverberating laughter,
Only mistrust, detachments, indifference and a stifling sadness.


So, this morning, the walls crack in despair,
And tortured souls seep out to seek their ends,
Ceilings cave in and crush the living dead,
The floor falls through to the freedom of a dark abyss,
The suffering shall have an end even if it means the end of all.

That morning I woke up to the sound of rumbling death,
Look at that, the world is ending, I murmur against your sleepy lips,
I had so much planned for this, I have so much left to do,
Unhurried, you pull me closer in your arms,
Aren’t you afraid?
In this moment there is nothing to be done, you say,
The earth quivers slightly as my heart drums its final crescendo,
I shall not enter eternity harboring misplaced regrets,
I get to die with you in my arms, you say,
And that’s more than everything I had ever hoped it would be.
We snuggle closer, and my heart stills against the stillness of your heart,
I think of everyone I have ever loved,
And the person I have loved the most, in my arms,
I think of my mother and my father, and their faces full of love,
I think of things that could have been and should have been,
And this moment of end that was suddenly upon us,
All thoughts, hopes, dreams and regrets are washed away,
In this moment of togetherness that shall last forever,
So you and I, hold each other and inhale the aroma of death,
At peace with the idea that ours shall be eternal bliss,
Our last moments spent against each other’s lips,
Our world gives away but our arms hold on,
And the concrete couldn’t crush the happiness that was ours.


As the dust of death settles in the aftermath,
A couple entwined together, rest in the rubble,
Death couldn’t persuade them to erase their smiles,
So, as brick after brick is laid in reconstruction,
The concrete rises back with the faith that some hope still survives.


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