Love Matters

Love, like matter,
Can neither be created,
Nor destroyed.
We are born,
Filled to the brink with love,
And spend all our lives
Trying to pour it out
Into someone
Who had loved
A little too much,
And were now left
A little too empty.
Or into someone,
Who has been loved
A little too less.


Love is like matter.
Even though it can
Neither be created nor destroyed,
It can sometimes destroy us.
And at other times,
Love creates us from
The fragments of our hearts
That were too small
To be picked up
When we collected
The broken pieces
After a heartbreak,
Stiched them together
To create a new one out of it,
And put it on a display,
For a certain someone
To find it beautiful enough
To keep it under their pillow,
When they slept.


But I’ll tell you something.
In the end,
It doesn’t matter
Whether love is like matter,
Or not.
Love matters.


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