Limitless Walls

Neon lights. Pastel walls.
The walls were the palette of rebellion,
They were the canvas of her imagination,
Blues, purples, blacks, and silvers,
There was a corner that whispered of the night,
While another patch yawned in the light,
Of yellows and reds, and colours that danced,
Danced into the barren lands,
Of sands and cracks,
Of dust that glittered as if gold,
On the pastel walls, her canvas of infinites,
With paints of contrasts,
The brushes danced
Sometimes jazz, sometimes ballet,
The walls echoed her agony,
And her joy,
It cried and laughed,
In colours that couldn’t be contained,
In colours that couldn’t be imagined,
She was the artist,
And the dome of her creation,
Her soul.



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