Letting Go

Last night I dreamt again
That impossible dream
Perhaps brought on by the incessant rain
Or that intoxicating chocolate cream.


He was the very essence
Of everything I held close to heart
Even when he leaped over a fence
Or ripped through my colourful chart.


Of his mischievous ways
There are umpteen tales to tell
But his amber eyes’ dance
Will forever cause my heart to swell.


Two years ago to this day
I heard his distant yelp
I figured he was probably at play
I understood too late- it was a call for help.

I was consoled by friends and kin
His well wishers were many
But to forget those loving eyes
Is an impossible task as any.


I seek his furry warmth
At the foot of my lonely bed
Hard to believe it is a myth-
They don’t come back from the dead.


I am finally at the end of my tunnel
I am letting go of his ghost
Because I brought home from the kennel
His son, who I have named Dost.


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