Journey of the Soul

I’ve been on the verge of crying for too long now
The tears have been brimming on the edge of these eyes forever
I know how the shattering of dreams sounds
I know how the hollow premises of the heart echo
When it has been abandoned by its owner
I choke halfway through my words
Some fall out, the others stay inside
Brewing their toxins into my blood
I explode a million times on the inside
But the mundane outer appearance never changes
The smile, in reality, is a mere carving on a stone
I turn away from everyone, to face my little universe
A universe made of simpler joys and sorrows of life

A universe that has consumed the whole of me yet has consumed nothing at all
I sit so long that my receding hairline becomes evident
And my outer self becomes weak
But my distorted universe never ceases to storm my insides
I stumble on a mere thunder
I fall on the tiny gravel
My weak body lets go of my vibrant soul
The rains pour down on my coffin
Entirety of universe mocking my fragile body
Yet rejuvenating my shrinking soul
Maybe I was never meant to exist as a human
Maybe the universe had other plans for me
Maybe that is why when the sun’s rays broke through the clouds to fall upon my coffin, my spirit danced in joy
Leaving behind a sparkling rainbow in its wake.


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