Irony – Questions to Mankind

Make no bar, in humans or animals.

Bring no scar, to body or soul.

Say no words, that are cruel or cold.

Take no violence, mental or physical.

This is my advice for you heed.

This is my wisdom for you to seed.

But you became arrogant, cared not a dime.

You went ahead and made your own shrine.

You made temples, mosques and pilgrimages.

You built religion and created biases.

Making way for beliefs and traditions,

which bear no resemblance to my mission.

Treat everyone equal is my fore,

but you broke it to pieces, spread it galore.

Trust and love is the soul of humanity,

the very core of which now has no dignity.

Times are changing fast, I see with my tired eyes.

Tinted glasses and silk pockets

embrace the pure folds of my jackets.

Asking for forgiveness to their sins, and

begging for sweet fruits without toil.

I smirk and laugh at their silliness, and

counting the number of fools on my soil.

I spoke of equal opportunities in love and war,

I spoke of equal chances for man, woman or other.

But see the irony that mankind has brought to itself,

My wisdom is broken to make way for diverse sections,

And sift everyone in different shelves.


~ Aarati Salian | Edited by Afreen Zeb


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