I Will Fix You


I am the moment;
The moment at the back of your spine
Which crawls up inch by inch,
And embraces your neckline.


Traces of stardust fall all around me
Helping me heal each fleck of your soul.
And your skin – half fleeced with hair –
Is the thing that the edges of my lips console.


The elixir to redemption
Rests on the tip of my tongue;
My fingers nestle every hair strand,
Reminiscing every love song ever sung.


My touch trailing as I reach your forehead
I slide down your nose.
I take a leap of faith in the air
And I take a dip into your soul..


I’m but a moment of time
Disguising an eternity behind.
And all of your afflictions
I now vow as mine.


Don’t you dare shed another tear,
Don’t you ever dare to whine.
Remember that I am your moment.
Make me yours,
I will make you mine.


~Written by: Shoeb Memon, edited by The Anonymous Writer Team.


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