Hungry War

The war is done.

The battlefield is a beauty.

What repulses, saddens

Is not the grotesque bodies,

Nor the severed limbs,

Nor the sad sea and sky,

Nor the wailing widows,

Nor the crying orphans,

Nor the greed of kings,

Who now dine in well-lit chambers,

Nor the stench of rot,

Nor the satisfied Death, lingering,

Nor the bloodied swords, arrows, spears,

Nor the poverty of aspiration

Of the high and mighty,

Nor the blood soaked ground,

Nor the desecrated temples, homes, mosques,

Nor the satisfied powers

Who find victory in cruelty.

What repulses, saddens,

Is the hunger in the eyes of the crows above.


~ Suvarna | Edited by Farrokh Jijina



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