Near a window sill, look there’s a girl standing,

Lost in her thoughts, staring out in bewilderment,

As the illumination makes its way through the lit canvas,

See she is cloaked in red, perhaps it’s her marriage.



Like a fresh pearl, the jewels adorned her beauty,

She looked more beautiful than she ever believed.

Her face was pale, like honey and milk together

The composure was serious, radiant and glorious.



All her life, she had dealt with questioning stares,

The pain seeping through her cracks had worsened

And she was used to the tendons stretched,

Because a crippled she was, a woman battered.



Dependent on a cane, she had known to walk,

Exhaustion have had hit her, like a ton of rock.

But she was more pure of heart than she let on,

Never did she succumbed to the emptiness that forged on.



That day was the dawn of a new era in her life,

Rain had washed the atmosphere and the dew-misted

She looked from her garbled hollow eyes

As if calling for the air that had brought him to her.



She’d always wrapped up and hidden her heart in a box

For she thought who would love an enfeebled woman,

Little did she know, that she could also entice someone,

That she could also have a lover boy around.



When they had once met, he fell for her,

It was as if she could read his thoughts aloud

He saw her like a melody as tragic as it’s beautiful

Because he was aptly a precise form of a being



In no time, they decided to spend

their life together

He, to shed that little darkness of her life

She, to prove her worth and to chase her happiness



They were to stitch each other’s flaws in a patchwork of love.

She reminisced all, standing near the window sill,

She just realized she did love him

A tear escaped, a heavy heart lightened



A smile came that overcame the burden.

Her incapacitated life now know a real world of joy.

As he did come, to escort her to the deserving realm.

True, there are some true loving hearts that are rare,


And some elegance, that can never be mimicked.



Image Source : Flickr.com


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