Grandest Symphony

They have started to grow on me, the herbs,
Landing me in an aura, so far from here.

Into the land of nothingness, where so vehemently your thoughts take over,
And the world disappears, leaving me with nothing but everything.
It amazes me, you know.
The concept of you.
Because no human, more magnificent, has existed.
No skin, more beautiful, has wrapped itself around a better bone structure.

Is a human capable of being so human?
The satin slips on your legs, and I, like an amazed infant, look at the way your flesh glows, smell the rose in your breath.
Cry to the beauty of your skin, you flowing art.
Contemplating your energy, to the bone and further.
Because words have failed me lately, to describe your sweet laugh, and the taste of your purple lips.
You’re not someone who can be put in words, you’re much more.
You’re the grandest symphony, love, which makes the angels dance in bliss,
Curling the souls and marrying the beauties of thoughts growing inside them.
~ Abhijit Singh | Edited by Nandini


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