Somewhere in the ride we met,

Just a coincidence or by destiny.

From strangers to friends,

Now you’re more than a sister.

Confusions led our roads to clash,

Nobody knew why the slash.

Tinted life in a new shade,

When it seemed to fade.

Despite myriad differences,

Together we made a lot of mess.

Not a moment without tussle,

But once when caught in a puzzle,

Stand out to rescue in a hurry

Yet, we’re worse than Tom and Jerry.

Purge panic to arise another fear God,

You are the craziest ever.

Still I bear your foolish act,

You’re mad, it is a fact.

Whether I see you or not,

Doesn’t actually matter a lot.

Despite the distance, we remain so close.

Times changed, and so did we.

Past the test of time and tide,

It hasn’t changed our friendship,

We’ll keep it alive until the stars die.


~ Anamika S Jayakumar | Edited by Afreen Zeb


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