Etched In Memories

She was no ordinary being at least not to me
forgive my imagery
but truly I mean to be
She was a dancing euphoria
dusting her beauty ubiquitously
She goes, her ecstasy her adornment
A star she was,
not like the ones we see in the sky
but the one that lights up the world
she is pure
Her aura, divine
she colors me, in her white
Do you know how it feels, to be with her ?
It feels unique, like the rhythmic leaves of the hazy mist
Her existence, like deep blue sea
Like when the flowers bloom
or the buds, when they bear the fruit
it’s like the fresh snow, of the wintry morning
the dewy leaves in the first rain
Leaves they paint, yellow, awed

The butterflies fluttered in her hair
pulling her strands, in a dance
the breeze, gushes
a beauty to cherish
with her presence in that phase
she lights up the world
her twinkling eyes, her delicacy
she paints, in her enthralling smile
I sat with her
her hands in mine
a touch so deep
our chords struck in time
a melody resonated
and the souls, whispered the song
Gods upon, mesmerized
at the imperfect Star crossed love
Can you leave?
can she?
Wasn’t it a strive?
cosmic, the tune
wasn’t it a labyrinth
they meant to break through ?
But I suppose
the stars wanted it the other way
unraveled, she did too
the paths separated wide, into two
Screams so loud
even clouds cried
a pain so profound
even the ocean prayed, mercy! divine
She said meet me at the fork, will you ?
He disentangled, fast and through
Days, nights, skies pass by
Can it become so untrue?
Even the fate denied
I wish it was true
every pinch of the sand
that drenched me with her
and her with me
‘Cause she traces me
in everything she sees
Now, she colours the sky
in a hope to find
me smiling back
the curve, so clear
impeccably joyed
She talks to the stars
asking about
And still believes
One day, I will come to thee
Can you see?
She says she loves me so
like the doves love to fly
Your heartbeat
like a rose, she talked about
you presented yourself to her
Her gaze so profound
immersed in your shades
finding herself in every streak
dancing her way in the folds of thee
caressing the petals of your love
with every strand of her soul
tracing her lines
with only your heartbeats
preserving you in everything
Confluence of two purities
Chapters and titles, turned
Be brave, he rustled
threading the words
etched in love, endless in memories
Your smile will always be hers
Your dreams, her universe
She still wishes to recreate the melody
Even if it takes an eternity.
~Harshita Goel | Edited by Ghazal



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