Dust In The Wind

Go on then,
Kill yourself.
Jump off a building.
Oh wait, you’re scared of heights.
Poison yourself.
You’re scared of needles?
Cut your veins.
Afraid of pain?
Wow. What are you not scared of?


Look around you.
People are afraid of time running out on them, deadlines killing them.
You and me, we enjoy the sound of them whooshing by.
People are afraid of love,
Yet you tell me how much you love me,
every chance that you get.


People lose their minds over little things as success, reputation and money.
Yet you were brave enough to say
that you’d rather be happy and broke than rich and depressed.


You were brave enough to say no to being a sheep.
You were brave enough to be a wolf.
And now you’re afraid of all this?


You’re afraid of falling, but you don’t realize that you only have to ignore gravity to fly.
You’re afraid of needles but you don’t realize the world is one big haystack.
You’re afraid of pain but you don’t realize that without pain there would be no definition of bliss.


You’re afraid but you don’t realize
that fear makes us stronger.
So yeah. Go ahead.
Kill yourself.
Who cares?


We are all dust in the wind.
Just remember that you wanted to be the wolf amongst the sheep. Remember that you wanted to push against the current,
Remember that you wanted to break free of your cage,
The trap you were born in.
Remember that you were a lion about to roar,
And before you did, you realized,
You’re only human.


~ Aditya Srinivasulu | Edited by Afreen Zeb



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