Dark Games

In a dark room of shadows,
There is so much to see
So much to hide and so much to seek
If you just see, it is void and black
But, if you see through, there are cinders and slack
Floating in the dark are the long lost songs
Which once was the light until the lamp didn’t go
Now if you walk through, you find more
Oh, there lies a doll in the shadows of gore
There lies a letter from a lover to his spouse

The love never expressed, it never reached her house
As you glide by, the eyes flutter over the walls
First, you see cobwebs and a spider that never crawls
Hidden beneath the cobwebs lies shadows and filth of time
There lies an old painting so old, so sublime
The colour faded, the room went dark
The black grew old and lost its spark
The art grew weary, so did the time
The lamp that once glowed is now covered with grime
But in these dark isles still lies the traces of life
Life – of shredded dreams maybe some afterlife
Dark is never dark,
If you walk it through.
Black is never black,
If you see it through.
Now as you feel through you come to know
In a dark room of shadows
There is so much to see;
So much to hide so much to seek.


~ Arijeet Choudhury | Edited by Aafreen Ansari


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