There she was, dressed in white

Wondering, what made her hate the colours?

Red, yellow, blue, green, black.

What evoked her distaste for these colours,

Leaving her blank, and her life,



Closing her eyes, she started walking

Through the lanes of her past.


The red blood.

The massacre,

The one that took her brother away.

Oh! How she hated red.

The moment she had seen him,

Dead. Covered in red.


The yellow flowers,

The ones that covered

The corpse of her grandmother.

Oh! How she hated yellow.

She missed her care, her love.


The blue uniform,

Of the school’s bus conductor

Who had tried to molest her,

Who had tried to touch her everywhere,

And made her dirty.

Oh! She hated blue.


The woman in the green saree,

Her husband’s adulterous mistress.

Writhing together on her very own bed,

An image unforgotten.

Oh! She hated green


The black dreams,

Which dominated the white ones,

The darkness submerging the happy ones.

Oh! She hated black.

The blankness, she often witnessed,

Every night. All alone.


This white life, this blank one.

The only colour she has.

Full of memories, yet blank.

A colour for some,

Colourless for others.


~ Viwanshu Vaibhaw | Edited by Afreen Zeb


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