Bullet And The Valentine

Hands of time
Entwined at the midnight
Allowing cursed aroma
To arise
From all absurdities



Echoing the clank of metal
The slowing down train
Was heard
Menacingly entering the subway
Braking against the age old rails
They stood up
Hand in hand together
A kiss of tenderness upon it
Ironically they inched closer
Indifference with the clock



Emanated from the loudspeaker
The magical door opened
Automation always inflicted her
With a smile
Incomplete at the dimple ends
Of her rosy cheeks
Ultimately she dissolved
Into a most romantic hug



In search of the secluded corner
And having found one
They lost to their lust



Passersby didn’t pay heed
It was western styled
Passion and fashion
Metamorphosing emotions
~Public was the new privacy



At the next stop
As they stepped
With light footsteps
Through the staircase
The symbolic gigant epitomising love
The brainchild of Gustave
Beheld their eyes



Taking out the smart phone
They turned their back
To the curator of time
Which had graced days
Of witches and kings alike
But indifferent, bereft of clues.


before the shutter could flicker
She was flattered
The cataclysmic bullet
In the blink of an eye
Annihilated life out of him
Taken aback to what happened
Hardly she had allowed
her senses to believe
The roar of gun’s nozzle
The carbon puff of dust
She fell, her hands in his lifeless, cold hands.



They said
Love could reign terror
Then why
Terrorism rebelled
To take love’s life ??
The undone selfie
Was empowered by selflessness
Embodiment of the young buds
Shall remain etched
Unforgettable amid cobwebs
Unfathomable in memory.




~ Punyasloka Panda | Edited by Ghazal Khan




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