Broken Promises

The odour

Of your departure,

Lingers in the air,

Your broken promises,

Float in front

Of my eyes,

I reach out,

And curl my fist

Around a few of them,

And desperately shove them

Inside my mouth,

But they dissolve

To nothingness

On my tongue,

And I’m left

With the taste

Of your sweet lies.


Strength comes knocking

Once in a while,

But the heartbreak

That always seems to

Linger just behind,

The door,

Pushes it away,

I can hear the thud

As my strength

Hits the front porch,

Muttering curses

Under its breath,

For ever having tried.


I spend my days

Drinking loneliness

Like whiskey,

Singing haunted songs

To the sky,

Eating poetry for lunch,

For me, now,

Sunday mornings

Will always smell

Like your absence.


~ Rupali Jeganathan | Edited by Afreen Zeb


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