Breakups and Broken Things


Give me back the kisses you stole from my mouth,
Give me back every hug that steeled your world in cages, kept it from falling apart,
Give me back every moan, every sigh, every climax our bodies shared,
Give me back the muffled laughter, the loud tears, the soft whispers
Give me back the rage, the affection, the hurt, the love
Give them all back, for I spent them all on you and now have nothing left for myself.


Give me back my happiness which you took away in your bags,
Look around, somewhere in a drawer of forgotten things, lies my laughter,
Which you took away when you left.
Give me back every sleepless night I kept thinking of life with you, and now without you,
Every thought of my past, my present, my future, now reeks of your absence
Give me back my soul, you found it so amazing, so fascinating
And it followed you as you walked out of my door,
It is lost in a hidden alleyway probably, somewhere in the darkness.


Give me back everything that you took from me
I was in pieces when you found me,
But you picked your favorite pieces and took them away,
Now I am three, maybe four parts of a person, trying to keep together
But the pieces you took left such gaping spaces
Now nothing covers them but your thoughts.
Your stupid little habits, your annoying quirks, the way you did anything and everything,
The way you swayed to your favorite song,
The way your hair looked on the pillow when you would sleep,
The way you rested your head on my shoulder after a tiring day,
The way you entangled your legs with mine as you held me closer,
The weight of your body, the taste of your tongue, the touch of your fingers.


Every waking moment is smeared with your memories,
Sometimes a special one, but mostly, just of you existing,
Your laughter still resounds in the hollow where my heart used to be
You took it with you too, like a prized possession, or maybe a souvenir.
Your smile is pasted on my retinas, and it is possibly the only thing lighting my days up,
Your stupid voice still burns in my ears, whispering your confessions of love,
Murmuring that last goodbye because it just wasn’t working anymore.


Give me back my time, for it turns out it was a waste on you,
Give me back the moments I dwelt on you,
With people, in my loneliness, in my happiness, in my sadness and probably everything in between,
Give me back every minute I spent soaking you in,
Because I wanted to believe you are nothing but perfection.
Give me back every second you took from me,
The happiness that dwells in them is not worth the pain that will break me every fucking day for the rest of my life.


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