Blueberry Cheesecake

Rewinding the aftertaste to the empty trays

the baking batter of cream, cheese and eggs

Finds understanding of the lines

between chaos and harmony

Separated yet together through sweet crystals

Which poured into the oven

Come out through fragrant molecules

Of taste enticing the buds under the tongue

Brimming the eyes with hope

Wondering at the stimulation it brings

In the first bite of the batch

Calm, yet…

Throwing tantrums through the glass wall

Sitting silent, yet the reason

For so many chemical anomalies

Firing the brain to reach for the wallet

And press on the desk ordering


‘Two of those tasty blueberry cheesecakes for takeaway please…’

While saying to yourself…

‘Ice tea, good book, balcony, favourite spoon and this.’


– Jeswin M Varghese | Edited by Farrokh


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