Best Friends

Life was monotonous.
Same old routine, same old work.
Until he came. Four furry little legs.
One look and we became the best of friends.
He messed up my life.
Turned it upside-down.
But for once I was happy.
I had something to look forward to.
Fetch-The-Ball and Roll-In-Mud.
He taught me what freedom was.
He taught me how to live.
How to live in the moment.

Chase-the-butterflies. Watch-the-sunset.
He taught me to appreciate
The small things in life.
The beauty of life.
Wagging tails and loving licks.
He taught me how to love. Unconditionally.
He taught me how to be happy.
Without a care in the world.
He taught me how to let go of grudges.
Anger. Resent.
Greeting everyone with a woof and a wag.
He taught me to treat everyone equally.
To stop judging people.
Being by my side. Always.
He taught me to be loyal.
And dependent.
He taught me the power of companionship.
And then he moved on.
He entered my life.
Changed it.
And left.
Leaving paw-prints on my heart.


~ Athira Anilkumar | Edited by Anwesha Tripathy


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