Battle Cry

To the architects of War,

The clergy that we never asked for,

You who legalize the chaos,

And watch it unveil.

Quoting verses from the holy,

Elucidating your visions of monopoly,

Your souls are empty vessels,

And you fill it with others’ blood.

You who deploy faith as the decoy,

And stab people in the eye,

Then hand them the swords,

To seek out revenge.

Promising people their kingdoms come,

As you slowly roll the battle drums,

To the ones who lull children to sleep,

And then paint the targets on their foreheads.

What is your definition of done?

When everyone is staring down the barrel of the gun,

At last if you bury them,

Will you make the dead fight the dead then?


~ Pomil Bachan Proch| Edited by Afreen Zeb


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