All I Need

Shares and updates,

both dull and deadly.

Likes in numbers,

which counts to plenty.


My head goes dizzy,

With the same things all day.

That’s when a poem arrives,

You wrote it, they say.


My head shakes up,

Sorting its mess out.

I sit up right away,

All straight and sound.


Take in a look so deep,

My keen pair of eyes.

I read it on and on,

Once, twice and thrice.


The emotions so gentle,

I float in your words.

Take me my dearest,

To all your secret worlds.


You do this always,

I know this happens.

Sometimes I’d smile,

And at times I simply can’t.


Yet, something stays certain,

In all your elegant reads,

Concealed is my name,

And that’s all what I need.


~ Omar Bin Abdul Aziz | Edited by Afreen Zeb


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