A Game Of Cards

Life is a game of cards,
Cards are like hearts,not made of steel,
Wants to win something ,wants to be real.
Diamonds,hearts,clubs,most of us are crowd,
Lifeless cards won’t be proud.
Trying to be something we are not;
Luck,identity shuffles us a lot.
Winning is a matter of chase,
Cards are full of hearts,
but still many poker face.
success is not building bricks,
nor stone ,nor wood or sticks.
Its made of cards,
So no matter how tall, you will fall.
Running towards credit cards, I couldn’t see.
The cards have been stacked against me!
One card above other-I call it unity,
we face each other yet we lay conspiracy.
I didn’t want to be a card,
But rules are rules ‘n choice is a crime.
Life is not as easy as a rhyme.
I am just a piece of card,
painted by a system-
by education,institution or a government dictum.
They scream-“Work hard -Don’t settle!”
Every card screams-life is a battle.
Commanders order- “come inside, fight and play”!
They teach us- “To win freedom childhood has to be given away”.
Sorry, but didn’t joker ever tell you?
“Commander you violate your own rules in a major way.”

‘Cribbage is cut-throat’ ,everyone wonders.
1 card, 1 revolver-1 surrenders.
Why are they screaming to us?,why do or die?
Why is it must to win? Why can’t I just ‘try’ ?
Never took chances in life, still life is a wreck.
I never took chances,never played with a full deck.
They say you can’t do it,I tried to ignore what they say,
But cards do question their worth,words don’t fade away.
The ‘system’ said-“Look this right here,..this is what you are……”
But you never saw the untamed world behind my scar.
They asked me to remain quiet in class , cards don’t speak
But to the teacher, I just wanted to say-
“Your lessons and your buildings are weak.”
No matter you win or lose , you have to take the pain,
Cards maybe silent but cards too got brain.
This is a poem for all the cards,for spades,
Who just act and speak and do things in a certain way.
Do I really have to be a card anyway?
I blame the’ system’, commanders and all who make us play.
Tell them its my turn,tell them to “play it my way”.
This gambling game has a big flaw,
It makes us work against each other and call it a law.
You don’t need to be a king or a diamond to win,
You don’t need to punish yourself for their sins.
Life is not a game ,why to cheat?
Make your own empire,no need to beat.
Why to act a certain way just because you are a card?
Who told you act this way?,
Should we blame the start?
You don’t need to be a certain card,you don’t need to play,
And if you want to oppose the system you are free to misbehave.
Tell them-“just because its printed on me, doesn’t mean I have to act a certain way”.
I will choose my cards,I will choose my way.
Sell them who sold you as a certain card -break delusion.
Tell them you make your own game-no illusion.
So I leave the game,I leave being a card.
I can be anything, king or queen- “MY START”.
So they may not hear you but your voice will recognize,
As we all know the fact -cards never die.
~Iffat Shabi | Edited by Ghazal




Image Courtesy: www.pixabay.com


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