An open letter to the girl who will love my guy next



I don’t think you know me. Or maybe you do if he ever brings me up in his conversations with you. If you know me, you must think of me as very stupid because I was the one to give up on him, on someone who was much more than I deserved.


Just before I say anything, I would like you to know that you are one very lucky girl to have him fall in love with you. He is the kind of person that girls write poems for; and daydream of having by their side for the whole of their lives. The kind of person who would hold the door open for you, never back out from any of your planned dates. The kind of person who would introduce you to his friends not as “his girlfriend”, foremost, but rather, by your given name, and then, somewhere in the conversation, he would let it slip that you are his girlfriend and he loves you a lot; the kind who would hold your hair back while you throw up after drinking too much.


Beneath all the strong exterior that he tries to maintain, there is a little guy in him who gets hurt at the littlest of things, who would overthink all night over every little thing you say to him during the day. He has been through a lot, and still, he can love so much that it is surprising. While taking care of all the people around him, he mostly forgets to take care of his own self. He is so selfless and pure, that I promise, there will be days you would wonder to yourself whatever good you did to ever have him to yourself.


He would rarely express his love for you in the form of words, but whenever you start to doubt his love, look for his actions, even the little ones, that would speak volumes about the love he fails to put into words.
Yes, sometimes he would be hard to bear with, and there will be times when he would get irrationally possessive, but that is only because he has lost too many people in his life and he wouldn’t want to lose you to someone else. So, stick with him through the times when he is overbearing, and he would make all your other days full of pure happiness and joy.

Whenever he tells you he loves you, believe it, because of all things, he is never a liar.
And whenever he lets you in on any of his insecurities, hold him close and let him know that you love him despite all of those, because you wouldn’t realise how much he needs it.


With all the time you spend with him, you will find that you are only falling more in love with him. And also that once you fall in love with him, there is no going back.


I am nobody to lecture you on “how” to keep him, because I didn’t do the job myself too well; but I can tell you “why” to keep him: because if you don’t, you will realise, in not much time that he is the best that anyone can have, but it will already be too late.


Also, don’t ever hurt him. You wouldn’t be able to live with yourself if you do.


Yours truly,
The girl who gave up on him.

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