Words Amour

It all started when my mother presented me with a new set of pencils, and told me that learning to form words with them will change my life. As the years grew, so did my fascination with pencils. I admired their ability to form words with a simple movement of the hands. It was the time when I was slowly progressing from words to sentences. I had more freedom with words at that point of my life, a simple eraser could modify my mistakes. Then one fine day my mother broke the news to me, that I must move onto pens. I was sceptical at first; I could not understand how a pen could recreate the same magic cast by a pencil. But slowly everything fell into place and the pen became my best friend. I filled reams of paper with my doodles, broken poems, half complete stories and sometimes, academic work. The sentences were slowly on their way to becoming dreams.

Then the digital medium started creeping in. I stayed loyal to my pens and pencils. After some time owing to my curiosity I started exploring the digital world. For a period I succumbed to the ease offered by the digital medium. But I could not forsake the pen and paper for long. They continued in the form of personal journals and notebook scribblings. Through the years there were transitions of writing medium, there were periods of frustration when I could not get my pen to form a right sentence and then there were periods of overwhelming joy when I found myself scribbling away. Words have accumulated over the period of time and they have endured the transitions of mediums. The pen and pencil are still there and the words travel with me even though I am not even close to the realization that it is my love for words rather than the pen and pencil that keep me going. For they never forsake the people who are hopelessly in love with them even though they never realize it.


~ Sumithra Gopalakrishnan | Edited by Afreen Zeb





Image Source: pixabay.com


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