Who Am I ?

We change every moment. I am not the person I was a minute ago. Perceptions change, thoughts change, and even superstitions change.


I no longer love the songs, movies, or the brand of deodorant I used to love a year ago.


My perception on whether I believe in ‘love at first sight’ has driven past the romantic highway, come back after a U-turn and then stopped at the heart-broken signal.


I no longer like my best friend. I still find him cool and want to have a beer with him. But when we speak, I feel like we both have grown to different intellectual spheres galaxies away.


I somehow manage to pretend that I like my job. I pretend to like my lifestyle, and I pretend to love her.


The air I breathe gets replaced every second, my blood is filtered constantly, and cells regenerate. Am I even the same person anymore?


Who am I? I am clearly not the kid who liked to run on the streets on a steamy afternoon. I never wanted to do a nine-to-five job. And yet I slave for forty hours a week.


Am I trapped in someone else’s life? Or Am I lost on the route to discover myself?


I stop to take a break from the heavy dose of thoughts. I rewind and read what I have just written. Before I could resume pondering on those questions, I have changed yet again.

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