What Does It Take?

what does it take for true friendship?


unconditional acceptance, you say


implicit understanding is another favourite


infinite trust, yeah sure


overflowing love of course


but what if I tell you


it takes a two hour fifty three minute train journey


an icebreaker which breaks non existent ice


annihilates it


some glow in the dark liquid which worms its way into your soul until it glows too


a room full of used books and unused brains


two glasses of heavenly sugarcane tears


a sofa which sags under the weight of its occupants’ ecstasy


good great food


walking around a city trying to listen hard for the tales it has to tell


finding some, not finding most


making some of your own


armed with fluorescent bandanas and shades


which protect you in their own twisted way


a platoon of bubbles with minds of their own


shoving, jostling, barging into each other


vying for your attention and ignoring it when it comes


kissing you lightly, teasingly—those vixens


then abandoning you and wandering off into the unknown


only to die seconds later


a bus with no roof and a whole new world inside


(and as it turned out, no space)


a room with a window you can hang your legs from


or maybe just your towel




bright bright breakfasts


ice-cream which is spun with sweat and dreams and crammed between two wafers too thin to contain it in its glorious entirety


ice-cream which sweetens souls


and how can I forget


the Drive


with its penetrating odour


and its people oh the people


all vying with their own selves to unclutter their minds, their spirits


to unfog their essence


and the Drive does not let them down


it coaxes conversation


conversations you didn’t know you even wanted to have


but ones you needed like your lives depended on them


and maybe they did


rains so sudden they wipe your minds blank


leaving you as new as those just-born crabs creeping up the rocks


trickling down the sides of your overlarge umbrella and into your pores


yes, the Drive changes lives like you wouldn’t believe, baby


or maybe you would


did I mention the food?


the food kind of clinches the deal really


not that it wasn’t already clinched


but wait


the laughs


the laughs which start in your stomachs


make their delicious way up your esophagi


and explode all over your faces


oh the laughs


why were you laughing anyway?


taxi! is that you taxi?


sorry if we scared you random pedestrians and drivers


effervescent young girls do tend to be rather terrifying


maybe it’s because we’re so terrified ourselves you know


but where was i


ah, words


pouring out your souls on window seats


dusting them off and handing them back to each other


nature can be so beautiful sometimes


it’s almost like it’s mocking us


like hey son you see how i shine?


i might just stop in a few years


but then arrive some fried cheese and onions which bring you back to earth


in a good way


and then it’s over


all. too. suddenly.


and you’re back to where you belong


but you’re lost, quite literally




it’s not over though, you know


never is.


because that’s what it takes for true friendship


a single defining moment


or many


oh and a ton of unnecessary selfies


which are actually rather necessary


and you know it’s going to last.



Image Source: flickr.com


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