Tsunami in the Sky

Every time I look at the beautiful sky, I feel jealous, watching her wander across merrily, drifting along, peaceful and light-hearted. Her fluffy milk-like white complexion and cotton-candy like texture tempts me to grab a handful of her. She’s never the same. Everyday she’s a new wonder, a new memory, a new master-piece. She dances across the vastness of horizon, occasionally playing peek-a-boo with her companions in the sky (sun and the moon). Deep inside, she too feels pain and has her own troubles, but covers them up with soft giggles, which are often left unnoticed.

All those little pains and tears that she held up all this while, get piled up, until one day when she can no longer carry the weight of her heavy heart. Her fair complexion turns dark and gloomy and she starts crying heavily. As she bursts out, storms rage and thunder rages across the sky, throwing out rain, tearing us apart. As she vents out all her rage, she gets relieved from the burden of her heavy heart, and once again she gets back to a peaceful reverie unmindful of the turmoil that she has created.


~ Manvitha Kola | Edited by Farrokh J


Image source: pixabay.com


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