The unsaid Incongruity

Look darling what a mess we have made by doing everything just right.


I have loved you and lusted over you. But now all we have left is a parasitic dependence, devoid of both love and lust. They say love changes definition over time; it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. They say love makes us settle into a safe and comfortable life. They say love changes its nature and that passion is just a phase.


Bullshit! I say to them. For if something has changed its definition, there is a high chance it doesn’t exist any more. It has just been replaced by something else. It has been replaced with the fear of ending up alone on the death bed or has turned into a desperate need to cling to anything familiar in this constantly changing world; even if the familiarity is killing you. In a slightly happier relationship, love has been replaced by friendship. But love has been replaced nonetheless, by its far less exciting twin. If this is what it had to turn into, why didn’t I just marry a friend?

Love without passion is not love, no matter what they try to tell me; and passion cannot be bound within the confines of a home or a partner. We have been faithful to each other and that is what makes us unfaithful to ourselves. Poor lust, we put a leash around it and asked it to behave every time it surfaces for any person outside of our holy matrimony. Don’t think I don’t notice you looking at other women. I also understand that like me even you have to make the tough choice between passion and security. What should we really choose?


Isn’t it strange that distance and death make love immortal? There is something about being incomplete that has completeness. When separated, we remain stuck in that experience of love and can’t shake it from under our skin until we find someone who seduces us into love again. Nothing ruins love like staying together does. It’s like a magician has revealed to you all his tricks and now you just have to watch the show without the element of surprise. It’s like accepting that there is no magic after all and living with it.


But you know what, I understand. This is the easiest thing to do, isn’t it? How else should we live? We don’t even have a reason to part ways. Wouldn’t the society stop existing if we only care for what the heart says?


We got our ducks in a row. First career, then love, then marriage, that’s how it is supposed to be and that’s exactly what we did. We should be happy.




But look darling what a mess we have made by doing everything just right.

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