The Story of a Fighter

This is the story of a fighter. The story of a girl.


Life had ridiculed her, tested her patience, punished her for no fault of hers & tormented her until she wished she was dead. She wasn’t left alone to breathe peacefully for a minute. Never was there a dull moment. Every morning, it dragged her to the fighting ring. Every day, it took her to hell & back.


She was beaten, bruised & broken. Her face was covered in cuts & gashes. She thought of ending the fight every minute, but her pride would not allow her to admit defeat. She hadn’t fought this far to give up in between. She couldn’t let those years of tears be in vain. So, she learnt to roll with the punches.

She was a puny timid girl when she started fighting, but soon enough she found new strengths, manoeuvres & tactics in her she never knew she possessed.She discovered life’s weaknesses & began punching it in its face. And, it wasn’t long before she had mastered the game.


Life knew it was time to accept defeat & find a new victim to bully. So, it bid her good riddance, and she danced to her glory.


Soon, she had what she had always wanted. A bed of roses. She slept in it with all her dreams & wishes fulfilled, prayers answered to & her faith reinstated. It was the life that everyone wanted.


But, something inside her had changed. She began missing the thorns. She missed the fight. She missed the blood rushing through her veins & the adrenaline rush pumping through her body. She missed bleeding through her cuts & feeling the delicious pain seep through her being.


You can take the fighter out of the fighting ring, but not the fight out of the fighter.


So, she got into the ring again. Life met her. They shook hands like old enemies. And, this time, she challenged him to a fight.


This is the story of a fighter. The story of my life.

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