The Hanging Droplet

The grass is cold with the winter dew and the droplets are ‘dangerously’ hanging on the irregularities of the grass. They are engulfed in a battle between gravity and the grass’s resistance to not let it go away from it. I focus my biological lenses into the inner chamber of one of the hanging droplet, desperate to study it, as if it were a school project to be submitted within the boundaries of an unimaginable time period.


The droplet has a world of its own, unexplored, least traveled, hideous and possessing crystalline qualities. But I am convincingly unsure of the kind of composition its air is made up of. Does it have oxygen or is it just layers of water one after the other? I introspect. I feel intrigued by the heaviness that this light droplet carries, because does it host any living soul or is it nothing but mirrors randomly reflecting unclear images of the environment.


One gush of even the slightest air particle will put an end to the life of this droplet forever. But no! What I feel is that it is immortal. Yes. Because maybe it gives up on the shape it has been holding itself on but at the touch of the wet soil it will regain and reform into a flatter and wider drop of water ready to mix with its uncountable peers. But this one is uniquely unique; giving up is not in its nature and hence it is suspended in mid-air like a valiant fighter, not giving up, not bowing down.


The strength, the hold, is so attractive. Is it the surface tension as physics says or is there a soul underneath those reflecting layers, which is impervious to the superficial vision I possess? If there is some kind of a magical assistance on offer, then surely this is beyond the scope of science. It requires astounding amounts of purity to see through the skin of the droplet. The naked eye shows a distorted version of the droplet but now I am starting to wonder what if our visions are incapable of breaking the mysterious shackles. But I know science will disagree and so will people. Newer outlooks, divine as this are hardly encouraged until ‘certified’ and I am no authority, unfortunately…


But now I have the time, and I will scan it all over; I’ll delve into the unfathomable depths of its world to unravel what exactly it wants to show us but not what we see; I’ll unwind the distortion to sharpen the images it shows us, because who knows if this hanging droplet might be asking for help!


~ Sanket Shanware | Edited by Afreen Zeb



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