The Final Fall

The sight of the cliff diminishes as I fall below. Perhaps, it is the cloud that blurs my vision. Or it could also be my tears. I had been there on the apex just moments ago; turns out, everything wants to push me away. Even the cliffs.


Isn’t my life supposed to flash before my eyes? Am I not going to be history? The birds might chirp about some crazy flesh for a few days. The wild dogs might fight to feed upon me. The flying scavengers shall orbit the sky.


The wind resonates in my ears. I do not aspire to fly but I cannot bear it pushing me away too. The silence is deafening. I wish time slows down – It does. A bird flies past me; I try to smile as it gazes back in awe. Sarah, you should be here in my mind, dominating my now. What is taking so long? It is one last time, Sarah. Please?


Why don’t I realize that I know the real you now! I wish you post a ‘R.I.P’ for me, at least. It’d be touching, darling. You refuse to be with me in my final moments, you refuse to flash before my eyes. That is so mean of you, Sarah. It seems like an eternity falling down. But hey, I shall love you all my way down. Till eternity ends – in a couple of seconds.


Oh, here you are, finally. Right before my eyes. Like a painting on the mountains. I am about to crash into your perfect, beautiful face. Good thing I slowed the time for I can be a petal to you now. I gaze hopelessly, helplessly into your eyes. I wished to live in those, till I die. I think I told you, didn’t I? Let me drown in your eyes. Let the splash be your tears, even though I don’t deserve to give you any more of them. Or has it always been the other way around?


I dissolve in the pupils I am destined to. Death has to be the most wonderful thing, ever.


I hear your sobbing echo. Why are you crying, Sarah? Is it for my friends or for the neighbours? I hope the world could see the real you, too.


I wish you remember me in your smiles and your sighs. I wish you could giggle when my jokes and the memories dawn upon you. It’s only the laughter, afterall, that travels all the way up here. Let it be music to my ears, even after I perish.


I don’t die today, for I belong to your eyes. I’ll die with each tear you shed in the future. I’ll die if you don’t find love like I found you.


Love, after all, helps you die.



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