The Diseased World

The diseased world. However bright the sun may shine, its incandescence cannot sanctify this numbingly cold contamination blinding the very human nature. Trust is a mockery and vices snakelike, swallowing virtues hiding deep inside the caverns. A miserable heart cries inside while you suit up to act in yet another day full of lies. An appetite so prodigious that can devour the very placental existence of the vessel we are floating on. Almost like the maverick, a ghost for even the prime surfer, enough to drown him into the unfathomable depths.


Darkness is nothing but a blinding void chaining us to the very last sigh of the plague called death; it is perhaps the gravity that forbids flying. Darkness is the terror that dwells in the sinful heart and is the venom dressed to kill the innocent prey. A saying goes, “on the darkest nights, the brightest stars shine”, forwarding clues to a greater truth, that darkness is but a trifle, hollow entity fearing even the minimal illumination.


If you think the end is near you are probably wrong, the end is beginning of the beginning, and the beginning is the end of the end, relativity isn’t it? There is no control. End is an excuse to nullify the fact that there is still more; unexplored, undiscovered, virgin raw truths. There is no end. The spectres take control, tame the untamed and make them dull like themselves. Life is a race but why have we defined racetracks that everyone should blindly pursue?


Seems like we have been raised like cattle and not liberated beings. I envy the falcon souring above the clouds with zenith pride, likewise the altitude at which it glides embracing the purest air, beholding the greater beauty of the divine world, which is the simple blend of the seven colours. It is we who have complicated the very fundamental ideas, almost layering ourselves to the point of muting our own throbs. Abstract is strange. Abstract is striking. It is the amalgamation of the deceptive reality, open secrets deafening to silence lurking to get your wires crossed.


Rid yourself of disease. Love. Fly.


~ Vidhu Kumar Saxena | Edited by Afreen Zeb


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