Struggle, because nothing worth having comes easy. It’s the struggle that makes us appreciate the beauty of an achievement, pride in a possession. Because things are not easy, they never were, they never will be.


Each one of us is struggling, though with vivid variations. A five month old struggles to get that blanket off her feet, which her mother laid on her to protect her from the cold; a five year old struggles to have several chocolates in a single day, a fifteen year old struggles to score and a fifty year old struggles to not struggle. So the question is, ‘Why should one struggle?’

The simplest answer is contentment. To satisfy your self, you struggle. To experience and learn all by yourself, you struggle. To never give up on yourself, you struggle. To know about yourself, you struggle.


The human soul is a deep ocean, craving to be explored. This exploration is serene. Struggle not for survival but to survive and stand out. You either get it or not, but the efforts make it worthy. To endure the pain, to appreciate the hard work, to see the pride in their face, you put in all your hard work, all your dedication, all your intelligence and as a result what you create is an ecstatic state of being which will be with you till the end. You don’t do it or others but for yourself.


Each one of us is fighting a different battle, some of us have just begun while some have mastered it. To respect is to dignify and one must be courteous enough to not disrespect. It’s only these little things and little fights that make life worth living. So, struggle, never lose hope, go beyond limits, let all your wildest dreams come true, because, you got it, you’re worth it.


And never forget, struggling is for the strong ones, there is no weak soul created by him!



 By Kashish Meghani | Edited by Afreen Zeb



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