The glare of the bright lights on the stage blinded him for a moment. His heart was in an overdrive and he was afraid that the audience could hear it beating. His palms were sweating, and little beads of sweat were forming on his forehead. He had never been afraid of being on stage, no. Since the time he was very young, stage had only pulled him towards it. He had always loved being on stage, and more than that, he had always loved making people laugh. Combine these both, and what more could he ask for?


He had been up here, in the spotlight, for countless times now, but today was different. Today was his first solo show on a national level. The tickets had been sold out just five hours after being out, and he was surprised. He had come to terms with the fact that people wanted to listen to him and liked his jokes, but this? This was outright overwhelming. A million thoughts were racing through his mind at the moment.


What if he fails to deliver today? What if he stammers? What if these people, who have spent so much of their hard-earned money just to watch him perform, don’t find him funny? His anxiety was escalating alarmingly with every passing moment, and he was feeling like he was going to be sick.


He turned around to call in his manager to arrange for a break of 10 minutes, and just as he was turning, his eyes fell on him, and everything slowed. His heart wasn’t thumping anymore, but rather had slowed to a rhythmic beating as hundreds of past memories crossed his mind.


He was here, today. How could he forget? He was always there. He had always been, for the past 21 years. He smiled at him, and like always, he gained all his strength from his father’s smile, the most beautiful thing on the planet.


With him by his side, nothing was impossible. He turned to face the audience, and he knew that he was going to be alright. Like every other show, he was going to seize this one as well.

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