Soulmate! Really?

Soulmate. One of the fanciest words used so frequently by many of us. Do we really for a moment think of what the word actually means to us rather than just sugarcoating our love affairs to seem all the more divine? Is your soulmate the one who sticks with you in spite of the ups and downs, the peace and turmoil, the light and the darkness that either of your individual journeys create within you? Is a relationship worth it if the individual journeys seem to be not on the same page?


I think two individuals choosing to be together despite the places that each of their journeys take them. Isn’t it idealistic to assume that love survives through all? It often so happens that one tends to compromise way more than the other. It makes me think is it necessary to trudge down this lane when there can be many easier paths making life seem as if it was destined to be so? Or is your soulmate the one who fits the jigsaw puzzle of your life as perfectly and smoothly as the only way that could make the puzzle complete?


As I sit and think of the life that I have lived so far, I can see many paths emerging out of the choices that I had to make. And the thought dawns upon me that probably there was never ‘the one path’ that was meant for me. In hindsight when I look at my journey and realise how different life could have turned out to be, with the different shades of choices, I picture the jigsaw puzzle that could have taken an altogether different shape. Does that mean a different soulmate to now fit the puzzle smoothly? Then what about our concept of ‘the one’ associated with the word soulmate? Where is all the sanctity that people love to associate with the fancy word? I guess there is no answer. To each his own. But whichever path you choose, make sure you give your all to it.


~ Apoorva Krishnamurthy | Edited by Afreen Zeb


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