Repeat Mode

Although the perks of a simple, unidimensional life look facile and boring from the exterior, it is but bewitchingly magical. To know that you can fathom what your future holds for you is outright bewildering. You can be the seer of your own future because your present and future are but the same. Your life is literally on repeat mode; every single moment. You can see everything good and miserable in you through the eyes of other people on a daily basis; because—because there are many like you and there will always be.
You have the time to study yourself. You have that chance, you have that reason to change; you have that cause to surpass others and there is really nothing crazy in doing the same things over and over again.


People do it every day. They wake up at the same time. Use the same brush. Eat the same bread. Run down the same stairs. Ignore the same traffic. Stare at the same people.
Different people; short men with burly bags, burly women with hideous make-up, the teenager’s partly accidental glance upon tight old dilapidated breasts, old men salivating upon the downright young, thrifty salesmen with lousy knotted ties, infants with unkempt benighted hair, truants with overconfident advice, government officials with backhanders; yet the same.
Salesmen with failed enterprises, couples with failed marriages, children with abusive fathers, husbands with oversexed wives, ambitious employees with sexual liaisons, old men with forlorn libidos, jobless vagabonds in illegal brothels, officials in destitute spirits; and the whole cycle of failure, with no exception—short term, long term, impending cases, tax frauds, criminal alliances, drunken stupidity, diseased whores, bastard sons; never going back to normal but oscillating within it in infinite continuum. One trying to outdo the other; immoral grounds, amoral values. Losers in a hurry of winning the race, winners becoming sinners; until the Machiavellian starts gobbling on us every moment, every second, as we get used to it and everything starts to feel normal again, while we revel in abnormality in our pursuit to do something different, something unique and it never ceases to stop and it goes on and on from the day we are born until the day we die.


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