Random Heart Spilling Rant

You look at me as I beam with radiant beauty. You think, oh her life is so perfect and happy. Maybe I’m very happy. I try to soak all the sunshine, for what we think is what we become.


Someday, I wish I look at myself and not hold the trust issues that I do, beneath my skin. I’ve known how it is to be unattractive; I’ve known how it is to not get a second look from the guy you think is really cute. I’ve been there, braced my insecurities and flipped my life to get what I deserve.


Yet, today I stand here, awkward in parties because they have done no good to me in the past. I stand, talking to my best friend, trying not to expect much, for she has her own life. Here I stand with a man whom I’ve known for 6 years and I’m afraid to be too dependent on him in my life.


Well, change doesn’t always liberate you. Sometimes it cages you in a golden case instead of an iron one.
– Priyanka Pathak | Edited by Kanav Sharma

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