An open letter to the teacher who changed my life

(An open letter to the teacher who changed my life)

Dear teacher,

It has been years since I left the school that you taught in, but still, all that you taught stays with me even today, buried deeply in my mind, and also, in my heart. I say heart, because you were unlike any teacher that I have ever met.

I still remember the first class that I had with you. It was the first day of my seventh grade, and I was sitting in a corner, doubtful of my abilities, like always. And then, you entered. In the perfectly ironed peacock-blue coloured saree, perfectly lined kohl, hair strands that wouldn’t stay in place, there was an air of perfection about you, which contradicted the mess that you seemed to be. Honestly, I was very intimidated by you at first. You were strict, and were infamous in school for the favouritism that you were said to show.

Six years on, when I look back, I find that the person that entered in seventh grade as me was totally different from the one that left.
You believed in me when I was unsure of myself, when I felt like I couldn’t do anything good in my life, thanks to the company of certain people in the previous years of my life who had made me believe so.
You never refused to clear any of my doubts, no matter how stupid they were. You were always willing to even put in extra hours of teaching, ones you weren’t paid for.

You taught me that no matter how intelligent, how clever, a person must present himself in the best way possible. You taught me that wearing clothes that suited me, having my hair put up in the way it looks best will make me feel confident and self-assured, something that I follow even today.
I could turn to you for any issues that I faced, even regarding my personal life, and I could trust you for giving me the best advice.
You made me look forward to going to school each day, and made me love learning.
Most of all, you made me love English language, which is a major part of what I am now.

Thank You, for making me what I am today. Without you, I would have been lost, still struggling with my own self.
Thank You, for everything.

Yours truly,
Your favourite student back then


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