Of Love and Unpretentiousness

Love is not just saying nice things to each other with decent smiles, it is being raw and crazy, laughing uncontrollably at things which seem so mundane to the rest of the world.


Love is not just wordy promises and emotional ballads, it is the beginning of a lifetime of resilience to hold each other through bouts of depression, sickness, frustration and madness.


Love is not just about dreaming together, it is the firm resolve to believe in the dream through phases of mental and financial exhaustion.


Love is not just about the passionate moments of intimacy, it is the fountain of happiness that springs to life upon a faint peck on the cheek and a gentle rub on the shoulder.


Love is not just about fancy gifts and exotic getaways, it is the comfort of one another through the silence of a long afternoon siesta.


Love is not just about dressing up to be your best, it is also about feeling the best and making the most of your moments together.


Love is not making the other person the center of your living world, it is the art of pursuing worthy goals while celebrating each other’s existence together.


Love is not just red roses and sentimental dedication to one’s beloved on the social media, it is that crazy, uncontrolled feeling where one rants while the other smiles, each taking turns, knowing deep within that they simply can’t do without each other.


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