It could just be an overnight bus ride from Trivandrum to Trichy or a train journey from Bangalore to Bellary or a quiet night at home with the baby asleep and the night still young, perhaps with a book in hand or a movie playing on the TV, or a holiday in a different city and the promise of “no cooking” dinner, or a mildly chilly night stroll within the apartment complex, or a ghazal night with friends, or a full moon night with the moon hanging in plain sight out of your window, or late night conversations, chat sessions or an overdue phone call with a long lost friend, or raking your head to scramble and submit an assignment or keep a deadline,

or the thrill of waiting for midnight and pretending to sleep early on your birthday, knowing full well you will be awake and ready to answer the first call at the strike of 12, or the sleeplessness before an early morning flight that will take you home after two years, or the quiet whimpering growing into a guttural roar in the labour room before a new life is born, or the pitter-patter of raindrops on the window, or waiting for your exam results with bated breath, or a poolside party with neighbors, or stargazing, or watching the Taj in moonlight. Nights can be as happening as the days, if not more!


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