Naked Dreams

Dear human,


Clothes are temporary,


So why don’t you shed off that leather and fur and instead lay naked for a while?

Why don’t you show off all your scars, and then wrap yourself with passion and self-esteem along with a cloth of your dreams and a jacket of your love for other human beings?


All those weird marks on your body contain a short story of your sacrifice, strength and the power that you possess.
You have bruises of ethnicity and moles of pride. Your hands are carved to work for your future. The rigidness in your tendons depicts the weight that you carry.


Your legs are long and sleek with thighs of a warrior. You could walk a thousand miles with that structure.


Hips that are round, according to the module of your curves.
A manhood with passion to create another body.


But these are the physical traits of what a beautiful mind you possess, you have the heart of a mother and thoughts of love.


You have a vision for the world without any delinquency. Stay naked rather than covering up yourself with the cloth of Satan,


You have wings on your back.  Fly towards your passion.


~ Shivam Tomar | Edited by Indu Arakkal


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