I am not a very focused person, nor self-assured. My thoughts, my imagination tends to run away every day, at every point.

I can never urge my mind to believe that I am good at something, even if everyone says that I am.

My willpower is very low, and I give up at the slightest of failures, the littlest of rejections.

No matter how tough I pretend to be, I’m a little more than sensitive at times and even very petty, stupid things hurt me.

I am very ashamed of my weaknesses, and not nearly half as proud of my strengths.

I am pathetic at times. Pitiful. Vulnerable. Stupid.

And yet, when I am trapped in my own mind, fighting my own battles with multiple things at the same time, when I want nothing more than to quit; I fall. I fall very hard, and like many of you, just before I hit the ground, I get to know that my friends were right there to catch me.

know that my friends were right there to catch me.
I fall into their very strong arms, and suddenly I know that it is going to be alright. It is not okay now. Certainly not. But eventually, it would be. It has to be.

My friends stop me from getting eaten up, consumed, by my own thoughts, and forgetting that there is the world around me that exists.

They make me believe that I am much greater than I give myself credit for.

Just because there are so many people doing so much better than me, doesn’t have to mean that I am worthless.
They stop me from giving up on myself, on this world. They give me hope, and with it, a faith so profound, that it surpasses every difficulty that I face, every obstacle that stops me from moving ahead.

And I find happiness, the most exotic pieces of bliss, in knowing that I am good enough for the most beautiful set of people in the universe, even if I am not, for the rest of the world.

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