Letter to the 20-year-old Me

Dear 20-year-old me,


Didn’t you survive the trauma last night? You did. Glad. You do it every night, battling with your sobs, you try to overcome the fear of facing the next morning. You’ve been habituated to it now; you can’t survive if you stop crying the following night.


And why do you shed your tears into your pillows every night whilst you pretend to sleep? You do that every night, don’t you? You fear to lose. You fear to face the pretentious faces of people. You fear because you’ve no idea about your life and you’ve crossed your 20s. You fear because your dreams are as high as the bird that soars the highest of its kind. You fear, because you conceive that someday your dreams may shatter to pieces.


And why do you fear? Because you lack self assurance and confidence. You’ve met some interesting people in their 40s and they didn’t have any idea about their life even when they reached 40. You’ve met people who were in their 30s and were still reckless about their life. And when asked about what they did their entire lives, they answered with one word, “enjoyed.”


You’ve crossed 20. You must be pressurising yourself about your future and your life, and that’s quite natural, almost everyone at this age starts to do so. But hey, chill, relax, decompress, you’re not in the list of everyone, are you? You choose your path. You’re just in your 20s dude! Go, go, run, and scream out your love for the girl you stalked at your neighborhood since two years. Run, faster, you’ve to chase your dreams, you’ve to work harder, unaware of the consequences ahead, you’ve to be a star that shines brighter than the moonlight when the moon is full. Be quick, you’re still in your 20s and if you won’t be quick, you might miss the boat. And what does being in the 20s mean? Exploring the things you’ve not explored. Go, master your skills at your vocals, and the things you’re good at. Run faster, the world is fast and you need to be faster, but also because you can’t be the fastest. Know your potential. Don’t judge yourself. Change, for a good cause, else be the way you are. Meet random people, make friends, meet heart breaks, hate people for their flaws, because you’ve the authority to do so, explore places, witness the shades of the moonlight when the moon is full, and most importantly love yourself.


And when you get asked in your 40s about your life, you just explain them in a word: “Enjoyed.” Because you’re not a boy who can sit around carefree and not give a damn about the things that matter the most. You find enjoyment in exploring, and not in late night parties. For you to explore is equivalent to enjoy. And when you turn 40 and appear to yourself in a cafe, having a sip of your favourite, you think about your life, and you may hear a voice from your inner soul, ‘Yes, you made it, you survived, you danced on the platform of your life while you were supposed to observe others dancing, and you explored it.’ Before wrapping up, come on, get up, your life is your story, it’s partly written, and you’ve to write the remainder. Guess what, people read the stories that they find interesting and well plotted, that can hook them. Write your story in the way that can hook the hearts of the people. Write an interesting one.


And remember, you’re still in your 20s, you can try a single peg of the new alcoholic beverage you learned about last week, that won’t harm you. Also, do not embrace it. Keep it high!


~ Ramesh Pathak | Edited by Farrokh Jijina


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